Little Szechuan Expanding to Stadium Village

City Pages

Nothing can hide from Joy Summers, food critic at City Pages. Her recent article made public our next project:

Students, start your taste buds. Professors, ready your palates. Little Szechuan, the master of sizzling Szechuan-style heat, is opening its third location near the University of Minnesota.

Little Szechuan first opened on University Avenue over six years ago, at a time when the culinary landscape was bleak for lovers of the Szechuan peppercorn’s numbing heat. Little Szechuan changed all that, opening the door to a collection of other spots not afraid to pack on the hell-fire burn. The no-frills restaurant space was comfortable and easy for both takeout and big family meals at one of the larger round tables.

In 2011, this Szechuan pioneer followed its initial success all the way out to the wilds of St. Louis Park’s West End. The second space was decidedly more upscale, with a full bar.

There is no word yet on when the owners expect to open the new spot, but we will keep a keen eye trained on this location for signs of life.


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