“Chinese, Funny?”

Happy New Year!

We want to share with you one of the secrets Chinese usually keep for themselves… comedy. China-born comedian Joe Wong came to Twin Cities in November. He performed a standup talk show at the University of Minnesota. We had tickets available at both locations of Little Szechuan (sorry, if you missed the opportunity). For people who are new to his comedy, check out his most recent appearance on Late Show with David Letterman on CBS.

You sure can follow up Joe at his website. Here are some reviews on his comedy:

Who, if any, of the auditioners will get a shot at the national exposure Letterman provides remained a mystery after the show, but the smart money’s on Wong, who used his diminutive physique, poor driving skills, and Asian heritage as a springboard to slay the crowd. (Ted Drozdowski, THE PHOENIX, on the Letterman auditions)

Huang, for example, noted that last year’s success of a certain independent flick affected his own screenplay, My Skinny Little Chinese Funeral. (Dean Johnson, BOSTON HERALD)

Playing a recent new immigrant who is running for president, Huang parodies political ads with a multicultural view. Besides, it is not everyday you get to see someone eating Doritos with chopsticks. (Darlene Mendoza, Television Producer of the CHOWDAH SHOW)

Wong grew up in China and while most of his humor deals with figuring out America or explaining China, more and more he has worked in personal material that does not depend on culture clash. Driving was on Wong’s mind that night. He said when he got his driver’s license; he signed up to donate an organ: his brain. He said he loved the idea of a complete stranger waking up from a coma speaking Chinese. (Neil W. McCabe, The Somerville News)

Shockingly sharp and funny. (Andrew Allegretti, Brown University)


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