Valentine Dining

Valentine Dining, a recent article by Lavender Magazine’s food critic Joy Summers recommended 10 local restaurants for Valentine dinners, including Little Szechuan’s West End location:

What better way to stoke those fiery love embers than by coating your mouth in the wickedly floral spice of the Szechuan peppercorn? This new location serves most of the same traditional dishes of the restaurant’s original location, but these new digs are way swankier; elegance with chop sticks. For a dinner inferno, I recommend the beef in spicy broth for the red-faced sweat. The tea-smoked duck is a much milder, though thoroughly flavored packed meal. Sip on the subtly flavored complimentary green tea served with each meal. The heat of the tea helps with the heat of the blazing dishes, strange, but wonderfully true.


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