Little Szechuan: A Walk on the Wild Side

A great write about our food at our St Paul location from the local foodie writer Juleana Enright at She writes:

Forgive Little Szechuan’s humble cafeteria-style décor. What the restaurant lacks in atmosphere, they make up in sheerly divine dishes. On our visit to Little Szechuan – after sipping down a warming cup of hot green tea concealed in a metal tea pot resembling Tick Tock from Disney’s Return to Oz – my food companion and I let our gluttonous side do the talking and ordered three dinner entrees to share: Fish Fillet in Spicy Tofu Broth ($13.95), Ma Po Tofu ($10.95) and Tea Tree Mushrooms in Dry Pot ($12.95). Don’t let the classic Asian dishes like Sweet & Sour and Cream Cheese Wontons lure you in. What sets Little Szechuan apart from other Asian restaurants is their strength to make you fall head over heels for a “weird” dish. Order something that raises an eyebrow, and you won’t be disappointed.

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