Best of the Twin Cities 2009

We won the City Pages 2009 Best of the Twin Cities for Best Chinese Restaurant. Thanks for the great honor!

If you’re headed to Little Szechuan, the brightly painted, authentic Chinese restaurant on University Avenue in St. Paul, pick up some friends on your way. You’re going to want to roll at least three deep to stage a multi-order attack on the menu, which offers more than 200 dishes. Where to begin? The dan dan noodles swimming in chile oil and the chicken lettuce wraps are the perfect appetizer entry points, to be followed closely by Szechuan spicy tofu—a deep-fried version that continues the fiery chile theme. More adventurous diners can wade into funkier fare like the pork ear shreds or tongue slices (basically a cold salad with thin sections of tongue), while the traditionalists can delight in how well Little Szechuan does staples like kung pao chicken and stir-fried pea tips.


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